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National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program

The 2018 Farm Bill established the National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program to boost the nation’s efforts to keep high-consequence animal diseases from entering and spreading in the United States. This program allows APHIS to collaborate with animal health partners throughout the nation to implement high-value projects that enhance prevention, preparedness, detection, and response to the most damaging emerging and foreign animal diseases that threaten U.S. agriculture.

The National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program is one of three programs that are supported through the 2018 Farm Bill Section 12101, Animal Disease Prevention and Management Program.

2020 NADPRP Funding Opportunity

In 2020, APHIS will make available up to $10,000,000 in funds in the NADPRP program to support projects that will (1) advance capabilities and capacities related to rapid large-scale animal depopulation and disposal in a high consequence animal disease outbreak, or (2) enhance U.S. livestock biosecurity.

Information for Applicants

Webinars for Applicants

APHIS is offering two webinars to assist potential collaborators with the application process. Recordings from each webinar will be provided on this page a few days after each webinar.

  • Webinar #1: About the 2020 NADPRP Funding Opportunity & How to Apply
  • Webinar #2: Tips for Preparing NADPRP Project Proposals

Past NADPRP Funding Opportunities

Additional Information

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