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National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program

The new National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP), allows APHIS to enter into cooperative or interagency agreements with States, universities, livestock producer organizations, and other eligible entities to fund targeted projects aimed at biosecurity and prevention, detection and surveillance, preparedness and response, and outreach and education.

2019 Funding Opportunity

In 2019, APHIS will make available up to $10 million in funding to be divided between NADPRP and the National Animal Health Laboratory Network programs. NADPRP funding will support multiple training and exercise projects that will help us enhance our existing disease emergency preparedness and response efforts. Funded activities will increase capabilities, capacity, and readiness of the nation’s animal agriculture sector to quickly and effectively respond to animal pests and disease outbreaks affecting the economic interests of the livestock and related industries of the United States.

Applicants may apply online at apply online at by searching for opportunity number USDA-APHIS-10025-VSCEAH00-20-0001.


APHIS is offering two webinars to assist potential collaborators with the application process.

NADPRP 2019 Funding Opportunity – Information for Applicants

NADPRP 2019 Funding Opportunity – Q&A Session

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