Monthly Reports - Affected Herds 2013

Monthly Reports - Affected Herds 2013

Tuberculosis/Brucellosis Working Group

Federal and State Animal Health Officials jointly conduct surveillance for bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis. When infected animals are identified, officials investigate these cases to determine if additional animals or herds of animals are infected.

The reports below provide updates on these investigations and summary information about brucellosis and TB-affected cattle, bison, and captive cervids herds that have been detected during the year. The summaries also include information about herds that were detected in previous years, but are being managed under a test-and-removal plan.


Summary Report
 Updated Map of Affected Herds

December 2013

December Report Map

November 2013

November Report Map

October 2013

October Report


September 2013

September Report


August 2013

August Report


July 2013

July Report


June 2013

June Report


May 2013

May Report


April 2013

April Report Map

March 2013

March Report Map

February 2013

February Report Map

January 2013

January Report



**Updated maps will be posted when changes regarding affected herds occur.

2012 - Monthly Summary Reports of Affected Heards

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