Bovine Tuberculosis Disease Information

Bovine Tuberculosis Disease Information

Bovine TBTuberculosis (TB) is a contagious disease of both animals and humans. It is caused by three specific types of bacteria that are part of the Mycobacterium group: Mycobacterium bovis, M. avium, and M. tuberculosis. Bovine TB, caused by M. bovis, can be transmitted from livestock to humans and other animals.

The cooperative Federal-State-Industry effort to eradicate bovine TB from cattle in the United States has made significant progress since the program's inception in 1917. The disease has nearly been eliminated from the livestock population of the United States. Many consider this one of the great animal and public health achievements in the United States. However, our ultimate goal of eradication remains elusive as animal health officials continue to detect TB sporadically in livestock herds.

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U.S. - Mexico Binational Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, and Cattle Fever Tick Committee Meeting

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Cervid TB Dual Path Platform VetTB Assay (DPP) Guidance


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  • If you suspect TB in your herd, you should isolate the affected animal immediately and contact your veterinarian for the correct diagnosis. To contact the Area Veterinarian in Charge for your State, please click here.


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