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VS and Johne's Disease

Disease Information


USDA-APHIS-VS role in the design and implementation of a national Johne's strategic plan has been to provide expertise and help coordinate implementation of Johne's disease programs by the States. Some activities include:

The final ruling for proposed changes to the CFR (Parts 80 and 71) were published on April 10, 2000 and went into effect on May 10, 2000. These changes include: requiring cattle that are positive for an Official Johne's disease test be moved interstate to slaughter only with changes to make this movement easier. The changes define an official test as an organism based test, and eliminate the need for VS 1-27 and branding for interstate movement. To see the full text of the changes and the responses to the written comments read Johne's Disease in Domestic Animals; Interstate Movement [Docket No. 98-037-2]

National Veterinary Service Laboratory (NVSL) continues to provide Johne's disease serologic and organism detection check testing. In addition, NVSL also offers a fecal culture training course to laboratories. For information on participating in a check test or training courses, contact Dr. Janet Payeur, (515) 239-8676.

Click here for a list of laboratories which have passed the Johne's serology and/or organism detection check testing.

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