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Defend the Flock - Biosecurity Information for Commercial Poultry

Defend the Flock - Biosecurity Information for Commercial Poultry

The U.S. commercial poultry industry is a large and important segment of our agricultural success.  Federal, state, industry and producers work closely together to protect the health of our nation’s flocks.

One of the best ways to protect commercial flocks against infectious diseases is to follow good biosecurity practices at all times.  As shown during the 2014-2015 outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), disease can strike quickly and cause devastating consequences.  We don’t want to see anything like that happen again – no matter what disease it might be.

Following the outbreak, APHIS worked with its partners to develop a set of essential biosecurity principles for all commercial poultry owners, growers and workers to follow.  Using these principles as a starting block, APHIS developed the Defend the Flock outreach campaign to encourage anyone involved in commercial poultry production to put good biosecurity practices in place.

We developed a series of materials and gathered additional resources to help you develop your own biosecurity plans – and to train others on what good biosecurity looks like on your farm. We hope you’ll use and share these items as we all work together to defend our flocks from infectious disease.

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