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2020 ISA Program Summary Report

In 2020 there were 675 total samples collected during 112 inspections at 12 marine farm sites. Although there were several detections of European ISAV HPR-deleted strains, there were no signs of ISA disease observed and no net-pens were confirmed positive for ISA this year. In fact, there have been no confirmed net-pens since February 2006. There were 3 detections of the non-pathogenic HPR0 ISAV in 2020. Most sites remained Category 1* (presumed negative) throughout the year, while there were two that were classified as Category 2 (suspect) during the first few months. Suspect cages were immediately removed. The two suspect sites and one other completed harvest this year and several others were stocked in the spring with new smolts. Biosecurity audits were conducted on active sites and vessels as could be scheduled during the calendar year.

* Category definitions can be found in the ISA Program Standards

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