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National Aquatic Animal Health Plan

National Aquatic Animal Health Plan

The National Aquatic Animal Health Plan (NAAHP) provides guidance for efficient, safe, and effective national and international commerce of aquatic animals; protection of cultured and wild aquatic animals from foreign pests and diseases; the U.S. government to meet its legal trade obligations; and, the availability of diagnostic and certification services for public, private, and tribal entities.

The National Aquatic Animal Health Plan (NAAHP) for aquaculture in partnership and cooperation with industry, regional organizations, State, local and Tribal governments and other stakeholders will:

  • Facilitate the legal movement of all aquatic animals, their eggs, and products in interstate and international commerce;
  • Protect the health and thereby improve the quality and productivity of farmed and wild aquatic animals;
  • Ensure the availability of diagnostic, inspection, and certification services; and
  • Minimize the impacts of diseases when they occur in farmed or wild aquatic animals.


The goal of the NAAHP is to provide recommendations to industry, States, tribes, Federal agencies, and other stakeholders in support of the mission. These recommendations are not part of an overarching regulatory program to be implemented by the Federal government. Rather, the recommendations should be considered by all stakeholders, whose cooperation is essential if the mission of the NAAHP is to be met.

Activities addressed in the NAAHP include the following:

  • Defining pathogens of national concern;
  • Preventing, controlling and managing pathogens and/or the diseases caused by those pathogens;
  • Describing and implementing surveillance programs;
  • Creating and implementing disease management zones;
  • Identifying priority areas for research and development in aquatic animal health, including identification of existing funding structures and recommendations on leveraging resources;
  • Describing strategies for continued outreach and awareness regarding national aquatic animal health strategies and the NAAHP;
  • Outlining education and training needs for all stakeholders; and
  • Implementing the NAAHP.

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