Pet Chews/Treats Made of Antlers or Rawhide

Pet Chews/Treats Made of Antlers or Rawhide


Implementation Date March 31, 2016



Material derived from any animal is potentially subject to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations and must be cleared by Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (DHS, CBP) Agricultural Specialists at the U.S. port of arrival before entry into the United States is authorized. A USDA import permit is required for animal material that may pose a risk of introducing foreign animal diseases into the United States.

Rawhide and antlers intended for use as pet chews/treats may be imported without a USDA VS Import Permit provided the conditions of this guideline are met.


1) Rawhide:

Plain rawhide intended for use as pet chews/treats (may be cut, molded, or in sheets) which has not been ground, flavored, basted, colored, or otherwise processed is allowed entry without a VS Import Permit. All shipments are subject to inspection by CBP personnel at the U.S. port of arrival.

Rawhide which does not meet the above requirement must be accompanied by a USDA VS Import Permit.

*Note: Rawhide is defined as untanned cattle skin made into leather by dehairing, drying, liming, and other processes. Products which do not meet this description, such as pork hides labelled as   “rawhide” require a VS Import Permit.

2) Antlers:

Plain, naturally shed antlers intended for use as pet chews/treats which have not been ground, powdered, or flavored, originating from a region free of FMD and Rinderpest are allowed entry without a VS Import Permit when accompanied by an original health certificate, signed by a full-time salaried veterinarian of the agency responsible for animal health in the exporting region which states the following:

  • The name of the FMD/Rinderpest free country of origin of the antlers; AND
  • That the antlers are clean, dry, and free of soil, clay, sand, tissue, and un-dried pieces of hide, flesh, sinew, and other related material.

Antlers originating from a region affected by FMD and/or Antlers in Velvet must be accompanied by a VS Import Permit unless consigned to an approved establishment.

To view the USDA list of regions considered to be free of FMD please visit the USDA APHIS web site at; scroll down and click on the “import animal or animal product” link, scroll down on the next page and click on “country animal disease status”, and then click on the “Countries/Regions Free of Foot-and-Mouth Disease” (FMD).  

 Permit applications may be obtained several ways:

1. On-line at:
2. By writing to:
 National Import Export Services
 4700 River Road, Unit 40
 Riverdale, MD 20737

Phone: (301) 851-3300 – option #1
Fax: (301) 734-6402


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