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Code of Federal Regulations

The top section of this page provides the primary user fees. The bottom section provides more specific user fee information. Please note that all fees are subject to change.

Processing original application - $133.00
Processing application for renewal - $86.00
Processing amended application - $66.00
Import Compliance assistance per shipment on hold - $514.00
Title 9 -- Animal and Animal Products
9CFR 130.2 - User fees for individual animals and certain birds quarantined in APHIS Animal Import Centers.
9CFR 130.3 - User fees for exclusive use of space at APHIS Animal Import Centers.
9CFR 130.6 - User fees for inspection of live animals at land border ports along the United States-Mexico border.
9CFR 130.7 - User fees for import or entry services for live animals at land border ports along the United States-Canada border.
9CFR 130.8 - User fees for other services.
9CFR 130.10 - User fees for pet birds quarantined at APHIS-owned or supervised quarantine facilities.
9CFR 130.11 - User fees for inspecting and approving import/export facilities and establishments.
9CFR 130.20 - User fees for endorsing export certificates.
9CFR 130.30 - Hourly and Premium rate user fees.
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