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CEI Logo Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, Cuba, January 2001

(Short Report)

Cuba reported on January 15, 2001 an outbreak of rabbit hemorrhagic disease in Havana and Havana City province. The outbreak was in an operation that produced rabbits for private consumption. Cuba's last reported outbreak was in 1997. No exports of rabbits, rabbit meat, or skins were reported from Cuba in 1998 or 1999 (United Nations FAO). In addition, no imports into the US, Canada, or Mexico of live rabbits or rabbit products from Cuba have been reported through November 2000 (World Trade Atlas). As part of APHIS-PPQ’s Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Monitoring, 184 air passengers from Cuba were inspected in 1999 for items of agricultural interest. Of these, four were found to be carrying some type of meat item, though none of these were listed as being of rabbit origin.

CEI currently has no plans to develop more information on this outbreak; however, if the situation should change significantly, follow-up information may be provided. If you seek more information or wish to comment, please reply to this message or contact Vicki Bridges at (970) 490-7822 or David Cummings at (970) 490-7895.

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