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Comprehensive Aquaculture Health Program Standards (CAHPS)

aquaculture facility tanks

Through lectures, labs and field training, this hands-on training course will educate Veterinary Services Veterinary Medical Officers (VMOs) in the process of assisting U.S. commercial aquaculture producers to implement the comprehensive aquaculture health program standards (CAHPS) on their facilities.  Course participants will be instructed on the pillars of CAHPS and how to review aquaculture premises and written documentation that are submitted by stakeholders for entry into the program. The course will include site visits to aquaculture facilities, fish and shellfish, to practice evaluating premises compliance with CAHPS and identifying common gaps in biosecurity and early detection systems. Participants in this course will be expected to take the knowledge back to their districts and act as CAHPS trainers within their district. CAHPS is a priority element for the VS Aquaculture Program. By the end of the program participants should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skills learned to implement CAHPS on U.S. aquaculture facilities
  2. Effectively communicate and apply appropriate CAHPS pillars
  3. Learn techniques and skills to assure that rural aquaculture farmers receive the services necessary to maintain continued farm operations
  4. Perform accurate assessments to ensure uninterrupted flow of product to foreign markets
  5. Learn CAHPS pillars and how to evaluate and review CAHPS site specific health plans

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Target Audience

APHIS aquaculture liaisons and/or other veterinary medical officers (VMOs) affiliated with aquaculture in their district/area.


Course announcement and instructions will be sent by e-mail. Course not in AgLearn.


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