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The world is interconnected biologically, socially, politically and economically, by trade, travel, commerce, and weather. All of these factors contribute to solutions and are intensifying a powerful convergence of animal, human, and ecosystem health. The One Health approach is about working inclusively across disciplines and professions because it is no longer possible to focus on any single domain of health without impacting the others. The Veterinary Services One Health unit is an active participant in the Talk One Health venue. We invite our stakeholders to participate in the dialogue of One Health.

Connect with One Health Talk and contribute to solutions to complex problems. Join the conversation today by registering with One Health Talk. Participate in the e-discussion topics and help inform and unify a community of professionals at the interface of human, animal, and ecosystem health.

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Collaboration and Leadership
The Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership (GIFSL) is an international consortium with a vision for global food safety and security. The consortium embodies partners from among universities, charitable foundations, non-governmental organizations, private sector companies, national governments, and intergovernmental organizations. GIFSL achieves its vision through the delivery of leadership development programs that empower food systems professionals to work collaboratively. Using a One Health approach is critical to addressing the complexity and challenges of global food safety and security, environmental sustainability, and economic development. GIFSL has produced a Catalog of One Health Activities which provides an extensive compilation of brief profiles of worldwide activities and programs at the interface of humans, animals, and the environment.

One Health Global Network

This is a webportal which intends to unify via a single user-driven entry point; bring together the wealth of information scattered across multiple websites; facilitate access to OH initiatives, promote and interconnect them; promote balanced involvement of all regions of the world; encourage interaction and discussion. It does not seek ownership or to replace any existing initiative - but on the contrary proposes to all One Health stakeholders that they join the collaborative


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