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Press Release (April 2, 2012): North American countries join forces to prepare for pandemics
The North American Plan for Animal and Pandemic Influenza which supports a faster and more coordinated response to influenza pandemics in North America was released-jointly-by President Barack Obama, Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the North American Leaders Summit held on April 2, 2012 in Washington, D.C. It is being heralded as a concrete plan to enhance the health and safety of residents of all three nations.

Now known as NAPAPI, the plan provides a framework for the health, agriculture, security, and foreign affairs sectors of all three countries to collaborate on pandemic preparedness and response. The countries will collaborate to develop and implement concrete actions that strengthen trilateral emergency preparedness and response capacities and capabilities, such as interconnected systems for surveillance and early warning of disease outbreaks and protocols for transporting laboratory samples. The three countries also will conduct joint epidemiological investigations of viruses that could cause human influenza pandemics, as well as outbreaks of animal influenza that pose a threat to human health.



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