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Ag-Discovery History

In 2001, the Veterinary Services (VS) National Civil Rights Leadership Committee (NCRLC) announced the availability of $25,000 in special funding for Fiscal Year 2002, to support projects that enhance Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights (EEO/CR) within the agency. Each proposal was required to demonstrate national scope and consistency with VS civil rights program objectives.

The Ag-Discovery outreach project was initially designed, administered, and submitted for funding consideration by F. Michelle McKee, an employee in the USDA/APHIS/VS/Mississippi Area Office. The three-week summer residential program effectively engaged 12-16 year-old culturally diverse underserved student populations, through hands-on experiential learning to increase their awareness of career opportunities in Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine. The first program facilitated twelve (12) student participants and was a collaborative effort between the USDA/APHIS/VS Mississippi Area Office, USDA/APHIS/PPQ and Alcorn State University.

The expected impacts of this type of program were:

  1. Increased understanding and exposure of the various career opportunities in Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine in culturally diverse underserved students;

  2. A new realization and appreciation of the importance of veterinary medicine on a national and global scale;

  3. Increased diversity of students entering the discipline of veterinary medicine;

  4. Increased acceptance of the diversity and individuality in others;

  5. Increased number of students entering the Animal Science/Veterinary Science Option at Alcorn State University and become future USDA Veterinary Services employees.

How it all came about (pdf 35kb)

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