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National Civil Rights Leadership Committee


The NCRLC has been charged with developing active and consistent approaches to civil rights and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for Veterinary Services and interfacing with (EEO) Advisory Committees.

The Committee will be expected to assist in monitoring and evaluating Veterinary Services' progress in implementing the Department's civil rights goals and objectives and the Veterinary Services' Civil Rights Strategic Plan. The group will also assist in developing civil rights and EEO initiatives that will be beneficial throughout the organization.

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The expected outcomes of the NCRLC are a better work place for all Veterinary Services employees, reduction in the number of formal complaints, and increased services and opportunities to underrepresented groups and communities.

Accomplishments of NCRLC
Ag-Discovery History
APHIS Civil Rights Policy Statement
Charter (pdf 35kb)
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Civil Rights Enforcement & Compliance Staff
History - National civil Rights Leadership Committee (pps 9.21mb)
Special Emphasis Program Highlights
USDA Directive DR 4330-3 (pdf 40kb)
VS Civil Rights Strategic Plan (pdf 67kb)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Complaint Process
Mediation Process


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