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Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH)

Graphic of CEAH's structure

Organization:  The Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health (CEAH) is located at the National Resources Research Center in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA and is under the umbrella of the Science, Technology, and Analysis Services (STAS) unit.  CEAH is comprised of five units:

Information Management and Analytic Support (IMAS).  IMAS delivers diverse information solutions and data expertise to enhance animal health science.  The IMAS mission is to enable the use of information and data assets, conduct geospatial analysis, standardize data management practices, and deliver products and services to support VS decisions and operations.  IMAS uses a multi-disciplinary approach by employing a broad range of specialized expertise.

Monitoring and Modeling (M&M).  The monitoring team conducts national studies on the health and health management of United States domestic livestock and poultry populations. These studies are designed to meet the information needs of the industries associated with these commodities as identified by people within those industries. The modeling team uses software applications to simulate the spread and control of highly contagious animal diseases and the economic impacts of animal health issues.

Program Support and Evaluation (PSE).  PSE supports the staffing and human resources needs of the center.

Risk Identification and Risk Assessment (RIRA). The RIRA team identifies and analyzes emerging threats to animal health to determine the potential pathways of disease introduction, estimate the likelihood of a disease outbreak event, and present the resulting consequences related to the spread of disease. We communicate this comprehensive information to other health professionals, stakeholders, and decision makers inform response options. We conduct comprehensive risk analyses and review animal health programs to identify at-risk populations for diseases of concern.  

Surveillance Design and Analysis (SDA). The SDA unit designs and evaluates animal health surveillance systems to protect the health of U.S. livestock, poultry, and aquaculture resources. SDA compiles, analyzes, and communicates surveillance information for action planning and decision-making, both domestic and international. This unit develops analytic tools, methods, and strategies to enhance surveillance systems, and provides rapid technical responses to information requests related to epidemiology and surveillance.

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