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U.S. Department of Agriculture Stakeholder Workshop on Coexistence

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a Federal Register notice regarding an agricultural coexistence workshop on March 12-13, 2015, at North Carolina State University. The objective of the workshop is to advance an understanding of agricultural coexistence and discuss proposals for making coexistence more achievable for all stakeholders.

Agricultural coexistence is the concurrent cultivation of conventional, organic, identity preserved (IP), and genetically engineered (GE) crops consistent with farmer choices and consumer preferences. USDA supports the successful coexistence of the different forms of agricultural production and recognizes that each contributes to the overall health of farming and rural communities throughout the United States.

The workshop will provide a forum for invited stakeholders to discuss current and potential USDA responses to the recommendations offered in November 2012 by USDA’s Advisory Committee of Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture (AC21) that addressed the subject of coexistence.

Workshop participants will represent a broad range of interests and experience relating to agriculture. While attendance at the workshop is by invitation only, the public is invited to listen to or watch the workshop, which will be streamed online. The public will also have the opportunity to provide comments on the meeting and on any proposals discussed.Call-in and Webcast information is available at the agricultural coexistence workshop web page.

The Federal Register notice is available here.

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