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APHIS Proposes to Recognize Certain European Countries As Free From Citrus and Asian Longhorned Beetles

In response to a request from the European Commission, APHIS is proposing to recognize 22 European Union (EU) Member States as free from citrus longhorned beetle (CLB) and Asian longhorned beetle (ALB). Under this proposal, we would only recognize those EU Member States that are free from both pests or that eradicated an infestation 3 or more years ago.  The EU Member States of Austria, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, and Italy would remain on the list of countries where CLB and/or ALB are present.

We are also proposing to change the entry conditions for imports of certain CLB- and ALB-host plants from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. These are the only EU countries that have previously approved CLB and ALB host genera that are exempt from the Not Authorized Pending Pest Risk Analysis, or NAPPRA category of plants.

Specifically, NAPPRA-exempt CLB and ALB host plants from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom with a stem or root collar diameter greater than 10 mm (0.4 inches) would be admissible under current import permits. In addition, the host plants would have to have been grown solely on mother stock from those countries, and they could never have been grown in a country from which their importation would be prohibited under NAPPRA. A complete list of NAPPRA-exempt taxa from these countries is available in the proposed rule

These changes would relieve certain restrictions on CLB- and ALB-host plants from Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom while continuing to mitigate the risk of introducing quarantine pests into the United States.

We will consider all comments received on or before September 16, 2019.

To view the proposed rule or submit comments, go to!docketDetail;D=APHIS-2018-0074 

For more information, contact Rosemarie Rodriguez-Yanes, Regulatory Policy Specialist, at (301) 851-2313 or

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