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APHIS Proposes Rule for Importation of Mexican Tomato Plantlets in Growing Media!docketDetail;D=APHIS-2014-0099


APHIS is proposing to amend regulations to authorize the importation of tomato plantlets from Mexico in approved growing media, subject to a systems approach.  The systems approach would consist of measures currently specified for tomato plants for planting not imported in growing media, as well as measures specific to all plants for planting imported into the United States in approved growing media.  Additionally, the plantlets would have to be imported into greenhouses in the United States and the importers of the plantlets from Mexico or the owners of the greenhouse in the United States would have to enter into compliance agreements with APHIS regarding the conditions under which the plants from Mexico must enter and be maintained within the greenhouses.  This proposed rule would allow for the importation into the United States of tomato plantlets from Mexico in approved growing media, while providing protection against the introduction of plant pests.

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