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NAHLN-Related Publications


Proposal for a Revised Structure of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network -- concept paper

NAHLN Update --also available in Microsoft Powerpoint format upon request

Newsletter: The NAHLN Update

NAHLN Brochure (Program Aid 1878)


NAHLN Information Cards

Avian Influenza

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies

Laboratory Designations

Quality Management Systems Training

Swine Surveillance

Tabletop Exercise Series



NAHLN Founding Principles -- also available in Microsoft Powerpoint format upon request

AAVLD/NAHLN White Paper, 2002 -- Background, benefits, risk, what's needed

AAVLD/NAHLN White Paper, 2005 -- Progress and plans, need for full implementation/increased funding



Approved NVSL SOPs for NAHLN and Program Diseases

Planned Deviation from NAHLN SOP:
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Assay Performance Characteristics

Avian Influenza H5 rRT-PCR

Avian Influenza H7 rRT-PCR

Avian Influenza Matrix rRT-PCR

Classical Swine Fever rRT-PCR (PIADC)

Classical Swine Fever rRT-PCR (Tetracore)

Scenario Testing Reports

Summary & Analysis of NAHLN Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Exercise Program (1175 KB)


Policy Documents

Policy Regarding Evaluation of Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories for Membership in the NAHLN

Investigation of Potential Foreign Animal Disease/Emerging Disease Incidents, Veterinary Services (VS) Guidance 12001 (446KB; formerly VS Memorandum 580.4).






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