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If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations for exporting animals or animal products to a foreign country, you should contact the APHIS-VS Area Office in the State from which the animals or products will be exported.

Animal Products

Live Animals

Animal Products to Belgium

Belgium is a member state of the European Union. The European Union has harmonized import requirements for certain animal origin products. For harmonized protocols please refer to the general information file for the European Union.

Language requirement for Certificates

Belgium will accept English only certificates. They do not require English certificates to be bilingual.

General information on the export of products to Belgium

Belgium has confirmed that they consider rabbit origin materials exported for purposes other than human consumption to be covered by Regulation (EU) 142/2011. Rabbit origin materials should not be exported on the VS Form 16-4. For more information on the requirements to export rabbit origin materials to Belgium please refer to the information regarding Materials NOT for human consumption in the general information file for the European Union.

Non-animal origin materials - e.g. hay/straw (including pressed pellets) - April 2013 (pdf 12kb)

Additional Information