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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If you would like to learn which fruits and vegetables are allowed to enter the United States, please visit USDA's Fruits and Vegetables Import Requirements (FAVIR) database at www.aphis.usda.gov/favir. Simply select the type of fruit or vegetable in the “Approved Name” field and select the country of origin in the “Country/Region” field. You will receive one of the following results:

  • “0 entries found” means the fruit or vegetable is NOT allowed into the United States. In other words, if it isn't listed in FAVIR, it is prohibited.
  • “# entry(ies) found [followed by the name of the commodity and the name of the country].” If this text appears, click on “CIR” to view the commodity import report (or import conditions).
    • If the import requirements indicate “Subject to Inspection: This commodity is subject to inspection at the port of entry and all general requirements of 7 CFR 319.56-3,” the fruit or vegetable is allowed into the United States pending inspection. If it is listed and only requires inspection, or inspection with an import permit, it can be admissible as a personal use quantity, when declared to CBP and with 100 percent inspection by the port officials.
    • If the inspector finds a pest, then the fruit or vegetable is NOT allowed into the United States in passenger baggage.
    • If the product is listed in FAVIR and requires a phytosanitary certificate, or if the import requirements indicate “Condition of entry treatment,” it is not allowed in personal quantity shipments in passenger baggage, U.S. Postal Service mail, express carrier packages, personal vehicles, etc.


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