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Emergency Management Safety & Security Division (EMSSD)

EMSSD is responsible for APHIS-wide emergency planning, response, and communications, as well as protecting the health, safety, and security of all employees. OD leads these functions and is supported by four branches that provide specialized services; an administrative branch that provides budgeting, purchasing, and administrative support; and a writer/editor who provides communications services.


Office of the Director - The Office of the Director is responsible, on an APHIS-wide basis, for security issues and concerns, emergency planning and preparedness, and safekeeping the workplaces and for the general wellness of all employees. In addition, there is an administrative group within the Office of the Director. This group provides services for all the division, including budgeting, purchasing, administrative support, and communications.

Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHS) Branch) - Administers APHIS-wide emergency management programs and homeland security initiatives. Manages the APHIS Emergency Operations Center in Riverdale, MD; provides guidance for the Emergency Operations Centers in Raleigh, NC and Fort Collins, CO; provides national coordination and policy for Emergency Support Function #11; provides leadership for the APHIS Information Security Program; and provides coordination and support to the Emergency Management Leadership Council’s (EMLC) efforts to prepare for, and respond to, incidents.

Emergency Preparedness Branch (EPB) - Provides APHIS with mission critical emergency preparedness and response systems, facilities, and services. Facilitates Continuity of Operations planning, Resource Ordering and Status System operations, Emergency Qualifications System (EQS) operations, and Incident Command System training for the eight APHIS incident management teams.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection Branch (SHEPB) - Provides technical, regulatory, and management services to the APHIS community in order to achieve a safe and healthful environment. Provides information and resources that promote a safe, healthy, and ergonomic-friendly environment.

Security Branch (SB) - Provides immediate response to internal and external threats directed at APHIS employees and facilities through investigation, assessment, and mitigation. Coordinates with Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies to investigate threats and protect employees. Manages security guard contracts for APHIS; conducts security assessments for threat mitigation and loss prevention; makes security recommendations; and coordinates the installation of alarm systems, access control systems, and CCTV systems. Also provides security, safety awareness, and self-defense training for APHIS employees.


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