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Policy and Program Development


Policy and Program Development (PPD) helps APHIS leadership continually improve its programs by making and implementing decisions and plans that are based on sound science and rigorous analysis of data, and that are consistent with the Agency's environmental stewardship goals, legal authorities, and overall policies.

What we do:

Planning, budgeting, and evaluation

  • Designs and facilitates Agency-wide planning processes and facilitates integration of strategic, multi-year, and operational plans and budgets.
  • Manages Agency budget development and execution processes, including formulation, justification, and presentation of the APHIS budget and monitoring the use of Agency funds.
  • Designs and facilitates evaluation processes and establishes systems to monitor program results, business practices, and customer satisfaction.

Regulatory decision making

  • Designs and manages the Agency regulatory development process and writes regulations.
  • Designs and refines Agency risk assessment processes and supports the proper use of and training in risk assessment techniques.
  • Conducts economic and other analyses of Agency issues, programs, and regulations and provides guidance to APHIS staffs on analytical techniques.
  • Advises the Agency on requirements for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and other environmental laws and regulations, prepares environmental impact statements and other environmental analyses as requested, and coordinates pesticide registration and drug approvals for use in APHIS programs.

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