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Interim Rule

Interim rule This type of rule may be used instead of a proposed rule when there is good cause for making a rule effective before the public has an opportunity to comment on it. (See "Good Cause Exception.") An agency may make changes to an interim rule in a follow-up document (e.g., a final rule). If no changes are made, APHIS refers to the follow-up as an affirmation of an interim rule. An interim rule contains:

  • A preamble, which includes:
    • an explanation of the rule
    • an effective date (usually upon publication, but sometimes earlier)
    • a description of any information collection requirements and the emergency approval number from the Office of Management and Budget necessary for implementing them in an interim rule
    • an invitation to the public to submit comments by a specified date (usually 60 days after publication)
    • an analysis of the anticipated economic effects of the rule (however, if an analysis cannot be completed before the rule is published, it may published in the follow-up final rule or affirmation, or separately).
  • The additions or changes to our regulations, as they would appear in the Code of Federal Regulations.


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