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Final Rule

Final rule Most rulemaking in APHIS concludes with a final rule. A final rule makes changes in the Code of Federal Regulations. A final rule may differ from the preceding proposed or interim rule because the agency may have made changes based on comment received on the proposed or interim rule. Responses to commenters may mean that the changes made by the final rule are different from those proposed in the proposed rule. A final rule must contain:

  • A preamble, which includes:
    • responses to the issues raised by commenters
    • an analysis of the anticipated economic effects of the rule
    • a statement concerning any information collection requirements contained in the rule
    • an effective date
    • The effective date is usually at least 30 days after publication. A final rule that relieves restrictions may be made effective sooner. There may also be other good cause under § U.S.C. 553, explained in the final rule, for making the rule effective less than 30 days after publication.
  • The final additions or changes to our regulations, as they will appear in the Code of Federal Regulations.

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