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Survey Supply and Procurement Program

There is continual progress being made in the development of survey supplies. To make certain that we are sourcing the most effective survey supplies, we want to improve product descriptions prior to purchasing. Specifically, we are seeking suggestions to improve the construction or specifications of the products described in documents below. We are not seeking to purchase these products at this time. Providing feedback does constitute an advantage in future solicitations. 

Please send suggested improvements relating to construction or specifications of the supplies listed below to, SSPP@aphis.usda.gov.   Please reference the product name listed below when providing feedback.  

About PPQ’s Survey Supply and Procurement Program (SSPP)
SSPP strives to deliver quality survey products to all PPQ program areas.  


Product Name



Soil Sample Bag A double lined paper bag used to collect and dry soil samples. <<Soil Sample Bag.doc>>
Alpha Pinene Lure An ungelled lure in a bottle dispenser specifically targeting Tomicus piniperda - Pine Shoot Beetle. <<Forest Trapping.docx>>
Alpha Pinene UHR Lure A polysleeve dispenser designed to target pine pests.
<<Forest Trapping.docx>>
Ips - 3 component A lure targeting Ips species and related bark beetles
<<Forest Trapping.docx>>


Survey Supply and Procurement Program
John Crowe
National Survey Supply Coordinator
E-mail: sspp@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: 301-851-2108


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