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APHIS 1 Yes Request and Authorization for Occasional or Irregular Unscheduled Overtime 03/1983 PDF
APHIS 3 N/A Request for Clearance/Approval of Issuance N/A Replaced with MRP 3
APHIS 12 Yes Change Management Request Form 03/2006 PDF
APHIS 14-R Yes FTS 2001 Calling Card Tracking Sheet Generic Cards Without Names 10/2004 PDF
APHIS 29 Yes Occupational Medical Monitoring Program - Occupational Exposures
APHIS Form 29 Explained (PSS)
11/2003 PDF
APHIS 40 Yes Employee Exit Inventory 04/1998 PDF
APHIS 47 Yes Transmittal and Receipt for Accountable Items 04/2001 PDF
APHIS 58 Yes Request for Approval to Initiate a Hiring Action 01/2014 PDF
Yes Justification for Non-Competitive Federal Assistance 10/1982 Employees Only DOC
APHIS 66-R No Job Analysis - Major Duty Identification 08/1982 PDF
APHIS 67-R No Job Analysis - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Determination 08/1984 PDF
APHIS 68-R No Job Analysis Rating Plan 08/1982 PDF
Yes Summary of Information Collections (Pubic Burden) 01/1996 Employees Only PDF
APHIS 79 Yes Worksheet for Calculating Costs to the Federal Government for Information Collection 09/1996 Employees Only PDF
APHIS 90 No Report of Reimbursable Services Rendered 

APHIS 94 Yes Record of Public Funds Received
06/2006 PDF
APHIS 103 Yes Annual Agreements Meeting 03/2012 PDF
APHIS 106 No APHIS Local Registration Authority (LRA) Request for Training and Acknowledgment of Role Responsibilities 02/2009 PDF
APHIS 109-R Yes Detailed Cost Analysis 06/1996 PDF
APHIS 131 Yes VTC Request Form 08/2012 PDF
APHIS 135 Yes Form Processing and Reproduction Record 01/2007 Employees Only PDF
APHIS 147-R No Annual Salary Computation Sheet For Appointments Above the Minimum Rate 05/1992 PDF
APHIS 160-R No Annual Hazardous Materials Inventory 03/1992 PDF
APHIS 162 No Serious Accident Preliminary Report 03/1992 PDF
APHIS 164 No Hazardous Materials Certification Statement 03/1992 PDF
APHIS 167 Yes

Universal Wastes Recycling Program for Florescent Bulbs, Batteries, Electronics, and Non-PCB Containing Light Ballasts Containers Request Form

07/2014 PDF
APHIS 168 Yes Hazardous Waste/Universal Waste Disposal Request Form 07/2014 PDF
APHIS 176 No Travel Savings Form 04/2006 PDF
APHIS 187-R No Request for Publication/Material 05/1997 PDF
APHIS 188 Yes Printing Request 05/2007 Employees Only PDF
APHIS 192 No Application for Credit Account and Request for Services 12/2002 PDF
APHIS 203 Yes Request for Access to NFC's Travel System 09/2004 PDF
APHIS 240-R No APHIS Office Ergonomic Evaluation Checklist (OEEC) 03/2003 PDF
APHIS 257-R No Hazard Communication Standard Checklist 07/1996 PDF
APHIS 258 No Respirator Use Approval 11/1998 PDF
APHIS 259-R Yes Workplace Incident Report 12/2012 PDF
APHIS 260 No Medical Alert Card (Employee) 12/2007 English PDF, Spanish PDF
APHIS 260-A No Medical Alert Card 12/2007 English PDF, Spanish PDF
APHIS 264-R Yes Facility Environmental Inventory Report 06/2003 PDF
APHIS 265-R Yes Individual Discovery Report 06/2003 PDF
APHIS 266-R Yes Hazardous Waste Accumulation Inspection Form 06/2003 PDF
APHIS 267-R Yes Monthly Hazardous Waste (Generator) Activity Report 06/2003 PDF
APHIS 270-R No APHIS Hazard Assessment Form N/A PDF
APHIS-271R Yes APHIS Facility Security Profile 12/2009 Employees Only
APHIS 301 No Incident Record Discharge of a Non-Lethal Personal Protective Device (NLPPD) 08/2001 PDF
APHIS 302 No Inventory Control Record for Non-Lethal Personal Protective Devices (NLPPD) 08/2001 PDF
APHIS 329 Yes Contract Delivery Receipt 08/1982 PDF
APHIS 511-R No APHIS ID/Access Request 06/2004 PDF
APHIS 512-R Yes APHIS Data Center Visitor Log 01/2011 PDF
APHIS 513 Yes APHIS New User Account and Privileged Access Control Form 01/2015 PDF
APHIS 514 Yes APHIS Data Center Access Control Form 09/2007 DOC
APHIS 515-R Yes Incident Report 06/2004 PDF
APHIS 516 No Remote Access Account Control Form 06/2008 PDF
APHIS 520 Yes Risk Acceptance Form 05/2012 PDF
APHIS 601 Yes Fundamentals of APHIS Human Resource Management (FARHM) Application Form 09/2004 PDF
APHIS 602 No Managing Performance & Conduct Application Form 01/2004 PDF
APHIS 603 Yes Learning Contract 02/2004 PDF
APHIS 672 Yes Reimbursement or Advance of Funds Agreement 05/2008 PDF
APHIS 672-A Yes Reimbursement or Advance of Funds Agreement Continuation Form 05/2008 PDF
APHIS 2001 Yes Application for United States Veterinary Biologics Establishment License 09/2012 PDF
APHIS 2003 Yes Application for United States Veterinary Biological Product License 12/2012 PDF
APHIS 2005 Yes Application for US Veterinary Biological Permit



APHIS 2007 Yes Qualifications of Veterinary Biologics Personnel 07/2014 PDF
APHIS 2008 Yes Veterinary Biologics Production and Test Report 10/2011 PDF
APHIS 2008A Yes Continuation For Veterinary Biologics Production and Test Report 10/2011 PDF
APHIS 2015 Yes Transmittal of Labeling or Outlines



APHIS 2017 Yes Official Export Certificate for Animal Biological Products 08/2014 PDF
APHIS 2018 Yes Request for Reference, Reagent, or Reagent Seed Material 11/2012 PDF
APHIS 2020 Yes Shipment and Receipt of Biologics Samples



APHIS 2046 Yes Certification of Licensing and Inspection (English--unrestricted license) 07/2014



APHIS 2047 Yes Certification of Licensing and Inspection (English--restricted license) 07/2014



APHIS 2070 Yes Application for Authorization to Ship Master Seed or Cell Samples for Confirmatory Testing by APHIS 09/2012 PDF
APHIS 2071 Yes Application for Authorization to Ship Experimental Veterinary Biological Products 08/2013 PDF
APHIS 2072 Yes Application for Authorization to Ship Biological Product Samples for Confirmatory Testing by APHIS 08/2012 PDF
APHIS 7001 Yes United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals 11/2010 PDF
APHIS 7002 No Animal Care Program of Veterinary Care for Research Facilities or Exhibitors/Dealers 06/2011 PDF
APHIS 7005 No Record of Acquisition & Dogs and Cats on Hand 07/2009 PDF
APHIS 7006 No Record of Disposition of Dogs and Cats 07/2009 PDF
APHIS 7020 Yes Record of Acquisition, Disposition or Transport of Animals (Other than Dogs and Cats) 07/2012 PDF
APHIS 7023 Yes Annual Report of Research Facility 07/2013 PDF
APHIS 7023a Yes Continuation Sheet for Annual Report of Research Facility 08/2013 PDF


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