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If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations for exporting animals or animal products to a foreign country, you should contact the APHIS-VS Area Office in the State from which the animals or products will be exported.

Animal Products

Live Animals

Animal Products to Singapore

Manufacturer's Certificates or Declarations

To request endorsement of export certificates for commodities to Singapore that require one or more Manufacturer Declarations or Certificates (such as pet food), manufacturers/exporters must provide the documentation to the VS Area Office with an original signature. The color of the ink used for the signature must not be the same color as the text of the document. Electronic signatures are not acceptable. The VS Area Office will keep the original on file, and copy the Manufacturer's Certificate onto security paper for inclusion with the export certificate. Singapore was notified in 2010, prior to our implementation of security paper use, that the export certificates would not include the original signatures of the manufacturer(s). The Manufacturer's Declaration (or Certificate) may be submitted on company letterhead stationery.

Pet Food: Certification of Pet Food for Export - August 2007 (pdf 53kb)

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