Animal Welfare News and Announcements

Animal Welfare News and Announcements

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To keep interested parties informed of USDA Animal Care news and updates, we began sending out stakeholder messages via our agency’s stakeholder registry in November 2012. 

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Animal Welfare News

2014-Present:  USDA news releases involving animal welfare can be found in the APHIS Newsroom.


12/02/2013 - USDA Animal Care Creates Online Process for Submitting Animal Welfare Concerns

12/02/2013 - USDA Animal Care Provides Its Inspectors With New Guidance for Conducting Inspections

12/02/2013 - USDA Animal Care Posts Updated Inspection Guide

10/24/2013 - USDA Reopening Comment Period on Petition to Prohibit the Public's Contact With Potentially Dangerous Animals

10/24/2013 - Animal Care Will Host Webinars to Discuss the Retail Pet Store Rule

09/18/2013 - USDA Announces Recent Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act Enforcement Actions

09/17/2013 - Animal Care Seeks Comments Regarding Proposed Changes to its Policy 3 - Veterinary Care.

09/10/2013 - USDA Restores Important Check and Balance on Retail Pet Sales to Ensure Health, Humane Treatment
                      - Questions and Answers: Retail Pet Store Final Rule
                      - Docket No. 2011-2003


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