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2006 Program Data Reports

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Wildlife Services reserves the right to revise the current or
any past Program Data Reports to reflect discovery of
discrepancies in data presented. Notice of such revisions and
their dates will be made on this site when revised versions are

You may submit comments by contacting us at:
Robert P. Myers
920 Palmer Road
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Table A (PDF; 25Kb)
Federal and Cooperative Funding by Resource Category
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Table B (PDF; 72Kb)
Expenditures and Projects for Conservation of Threatened or Endangered Species (ESA Compliance)
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Table C (PDF; 1.02Mb)
Occurrence of Damage and Threats to Resources Reported by Wildlife Species Reported
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Table D (PDF; 708Kb)
Technical Assistance Projects Conducted by the Wildlife Services Program
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Table E (PDF; 30Kb)
(Graphics Representation Only). Property Types by Percent, Acres, and Person-Days Worked
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Table F (PDF; 71Kb)
Chemical, Biologic, and Wildlife Drug Components Used, Sold, Demonstrated, and Distributed
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Table G (PDF; 803Kb)
Animals Taken by Component Type and Fate
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Table H (PDF; 128Kb)
Wildlife Disease Sampling Conducted
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