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Project Goals


Avian and Invasive Species Population Management

Research Project

Develop information and methods applicable to avian populations of Wildlife Services' management concern and control techniques to reduce or eliminate invasive species.

Objective 1: Develop and validate biochemical markers to quantify age distribution within avian populations.

Objective 2: Extend existing PBR (Potential Biological Removal) methodology for avian population methods.

Objective 3: Document patterns of roost occupancy and determine movements and activities of crows and vultures following dispersal of roosts.

Objective 4: Determine toxicity, bait acceptance, and estimates of take using DRC-1339 for avian population control.

Objective 5: Identify toxicants for controlling invasive reptile populations.

Objective 6: Develop methods for controlling Burmese pythons and other large invasive constrictors

Objective 7: Develop strategies for selective, safe, effective delivery of chemosterilants, vaccines, toxicants, and other materials to target invasive animals

Objective 8: Develop and implement practical methods to quantify resource damage caused by wildlife species

Objective 9: Develop and test practical methods for population monitoring/indexing.

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