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Investigative New Animal Drugs


Reproductive Control Agents

20, 25-diazacholesterol (DiazaCon) - 20, 25-diazacholesterol (DiazaCon) was previously registered by the EPA under the name Ornitrol as a reproductive control agent for pigeons. NWRC has recently received FDA authorization to investigate its potential as a contraceptive for seasonally-breeding, burrowing rodent species. DiazaCon acts as a contraceptive by inhibiting the production of cholesterol, the precursor to most reproductive hormones. More information about NWRC s research on DiazaCon can be found at the NWRC DiazaCon webpage.

Immobilizing Agents

Propiopromazine Hydrochloride (PPZH) - INAD #9528: Propiopromazine hydrochloride is an immobilizing drug effective in sedating coyotes or feral dogs captured in leg-hold traps, thereby significantly reducing damage caused by the trap. Used properly it does not render the animal unconscious. The drug is administered via a rubber nipple (trap tab) fastened to the jaw of the trap. Upon capture the animal will instinctively bite on the trap tab and ingest the tranquilizer.

Alpha-Chloralose - INAD #6602: Alpha-chloralose is an immobilizing drug effective in sedating waterfowl, Canada geese, American coots, common ravens, sandhill cranes, and pigeons. Used properly it does not render the animal unconscious. It is very effective for removing problems birds from urban settings such as parks, golf courses and unwanted roost sites. It is administered to birds by hand feeding them treated bread or grain. About 45 minutes after consumption, the bird can be hand captured and removed or relocated.


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