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Federal Orders

APHIS Adds Adair and Clark Counties, Missouri, to the Pine Shoot Beetle Regulated Area (08/15/13) (PDF; 36Kb)

Quarantine of Lewis, Macon, and Marion Counties, Missouri (12/4/12) (PDF; 20Kb)

Quarantine of the Entire State of Indiana (9/1/11) (PDF; 23 Kb)

Quarantine of Warren County, Illinois, and Loudoun County, Virginia (2/25/11) (PDF; 22 Kb)

Quarantine of Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard Counties, Maryland (6/4/10)(PDF;

Quarantine of Knox, Fayette, Cumberland, and Effingham Counties, Illinois (3/24/10) (PDF; 14 Kb)

Quarantine of Entire State of Ohio (8/20/08) (PDF; 23 Kb)

Quarantine of Greene County, Indiana (6/16/08) (PDF; 25 Kb)

Quarantine of Mercer County and Rock Island County, Illinois (1/23/08) (PDF; 16 Kb)

Quarantine of the Entire State of New Jersey (11/20/07) (PDF; 21 Kb)

Quarantine of Switzerland County, Indiana (11/19/07) (PDF; 13 Kb)

Domestic Quarantine of Putnam and Westchester Counties, New York (9/6/07) (PDF; 16 Kb)

Quarantine of Dutchess County, New York (6/29/07) (PDF; 13 Kb)

Domestic Quarantine of additional areas of Maine (2/8/07) (PDF; 24 Kb)

Domestic Quarantine of Cumberland County, New Jersey (2/1/07) (PDF; 91 Kb)

Domestic quarantine of Ross, Scioto, Jackson, and Highland Counties Ohio (June 26, 2006) (PDF; 13 Kb)

Domestic Quarantine of Iowa (9/18/06)(PDF; 10 Kb)

Quarantine of Morris and Somerset Counties, New Jersey (8/9/2006) (PDF; 20 Kb)

Domestic Quarantine of Dubuque and Scott Counties, Iowa (6/22/06) (PDF; 13 Kb)

Quarantine of the entire state of Wisconsin (2/28/06) (PDF; 27 Kb)

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