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Safety Officer Contact List

ICS Safety Officer

An ICS Safety Officer is a collateral duty position, 10%, not to exceed 20% of and employees normal schedule, where that employee has volunteered to assist APHIS by performing safety related function - most often called Collateral Duty Safety Officer (CDSO) or Safety Representative. In the case of the ICS Safety Officer cadre they have been specifically trained - AgERT, HAZWOPER, ICS 100 through 420, OSHA 10 hour - in order to fill the Safety Officer position on the ICS Command Staff in the event of an emergency.

Susan Kingston 240-308-2457
Karl Thornton 970-494-7478
Randall Coleman 703-812-6683
Robin Nevarez 970-454-7485
Dale Boyles 813-486-9019
Nolan Farace 970 494-7489
Robin Olive 919-855-7539
Mark Segall 281-230-7205
Guy Nagai 808-245-2831
Karen Jenkins 225-298-5410
Juan A. Roman 301-851-2242
Eileen Smith 301-851-2155
James Triebwasser 218-720-5282
Jesse Hatakenaka 808-861-8490
Beth Wittenbrader 570-575-5986
Mark Eimers 515-663-7394
Kevin Lake 515-663-7551
Norma Newton 515-663-7049
James Wettestad 515-663-7787
Nichole Hines 515-663-7551
Roy Isham 931-260-9857
Brian Trout 970-494-7381
Chip Ridky 207-287-7632
Larry Stewart 405-427-9413
Clem Dussault 301-851-3403
Tina Kleppinger 301-734-5324
David Liles 903-572-1966
Lori Harms 906-474-6042
Jean Nee 660-874-4092
Michael Pipas 307-261-5336
Jonathan LaCombe 775-851-4848

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