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Health and Safety Plan

Personal Protective Equipment

General guidelines

The following are general guidelines to aid the Incident Safety Officer in establishing PPE levels. The majority of deployment tasks will take place in Level D or modified Level D.

The EPA Modified Level D protection scheme consists of the following PPE:

  • Cotton or disposable, chemical-resistant (Tyvek®) work uniform or coveralls.
  • Leather, steel-toed work boots (with chemical resistant overboots as necessary) or chemical-resistant, steel-toed boots meeting American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z41-1983, Safety-Toe Footwear, Classification 75. Approval of the boot type will be the responsibility of the Incident Safety Officer.
  • Eye protection, such as faceshields, goggles, or safety glasses with side shields that meet ANSI standard Z87.1-1979 (required for operations where debris may become airborne such as dusty conditions or where splashing of liquids is a concern). Approval of eye protection equipment will be the responsibility of the Incident Safety Officer.
  • Hard hats meeting ANSI standard Z89.1-1986, Class A, B and C (required only for operations around heavy equipment or in the presence of overhead hazards).
  • Chemical-resistant (nitrile) gloves when handling samples or coming in physical contact with any material in the area of investigation.
  • Hearing protection, such as ear plugs or muffs (during operation of heavy equipment).

If an upgrade in PPE to Level C is required during the field activities, personnel will wear, as a minimum, the above items with the following additions:

  • NIOSH approved full-face air purifying respirators (APR) with dual organic vapor and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters as a minimum.

Upgrade to Level B will include wearing a pressure-demand self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), chemical-resistant clothing, chemical-resistant inner and outer gloves, chemical-resistant outer boots, and a hard hat. Upgrade to Level A requires wearing all Level B equipment cited above in addition to a chemical-resistant fully encapsulating suit.

NOTE: APHIS does not currently have the ability or resources to upgrade to Level A or B.

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