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Health and Safety Plan

Key Personnel/Identification of Roles and Responsibilities

Overview of Operation

  1. Upon APHIS's assignment of deployment, an Incident Commander will be named. The Incident Commander (IC) or other(s) designated by the IC will name a Safety Officer (SO).
  2. While the IC has responsibility for the total incident, the SO is responsible for assuring the health and safety of the responders (whether APHIS employees, temporary employees, or contractors). The SO is assigned to oversee this responsibility for the IC and is the only person other than the IC who can stop an operation (in order to correct safety or health hazards).
  3. The SO will establish safe work procedures, provide communication pertaining to safety and health matters, inspect and assure safe work procedures are followed, provide training as needed, provide reports as needed, and brief the IC as to the status of health and safety on the deployment.

Additional Information