Health and Safety Plan

Training Requirements

Safety Briefings

In accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120 (i)(2)(ii), pre-entry briefings will be held prior to initiating any activity.

Safety briefings and attendance will be documented. A safety briefing is a daily task even if the work does not change. Safety briefings will be given by the Safety Officer.

The Safety Briefing, at a minimum, will cover:

  • A review of the past day's injuries/incidents
  • Any work procedure changes and the accompanying safety procedure changes
  • Any changes to the Command or Supervisory structure
  • Any issues/cautions the Safety Officer considers relevant

The Safety Briefing is an opportunity to remind the personnel involved with the deployment of the importance of safety. As such, a daily Safety Message may be
presented as a part of the briefing. This Message may be given to the Supervisors to review with all of the employees reporting to them. Please see the library of Safety Messages.

Additional Information