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Health and Safety Plan


This Generic HASP is to serve as an aid to the Safety Officer (SO, as defined by the Incident Command System). An Emergency Deployment situation can be a chaotic, hectic, and confusing situation. This HASP is designed to:

  • Provide a starting point to organize the situation
  • Provide safety information and practice in a portable and easy to use fashion
  • Provide a reference for additional information

This HASP is designed to be of aid to the SO in various emergency situations APHIS would respond to, from animal or plant diseases, to insect infestation, to a terrorist act involving commercial animals or crops.

  • This Plan is designed to cover needs assessment, environmental compliance and field investigation activities. The following topics are covered in this plan:
  • Program organization and responsibilities.
  • Emergency response plan.
  • Hazard evaluation.
  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Personnel training and medical surveillance program.
  • Work zones, security, and spill containment.
  • Decontamination procedures, and Disposal procedures.

Additional Information