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HASP - Administration


    1. Distribution and Availability
      1. This HASP template will be distributed to Program Heads, Safety Officers (SOs), and Incident
        Commanders. This template will also be available via the APHIS intranet.
      2. Based on the nature of the response and the role of APHIS in the response, the APHIS SO may
        incorporate by reference elements of the HASP developed by the lead agency for the incident.
      3. All personnel performing field activities will be required to read and understand this HASP
        and the incident-specific policies and procedures developed for this event.

(a) The APHIS Incident Commander will have the overall responsibility for safety and health of all
APHIS personnel assigned to the incident.
(b) The APHIS Safety Officer role will be filled to ease the overall burden of the APHIS Incident
Commander and to assure that at least one officer is engaged in assuring the health and safety of
deployment personnel on a full-time basis.
(c) In addition, each supervisor is responsible for following safe procedures, assuring that needed
safety training has been conducted, reporting unsafe conditions to the Safety Officer and reporting
all injuries to subordinates.
(d) It is the responsibility of all deployment personnel to follow safe work procedures, use the
prescribed PPE, and report unsafe conditions and actions that are observed and to report all
injuries to their supervisors.

      1. A copy of the incident specific HASP will be maintained in all facilities and vehicles
        assigned to the field team. This HASP is developed and modified for specific conditions, purposes,
        and personnel; and the HASP must be amended as conditions change.
      2. Based on the nature of the response, the Incident Commander may determine that the incident
        specific HASP will be treated as a controlled document.


    1. Revisions
    1. This HASP will be a working document once it is modified by the SO to
      be incident-specific. In the field, it shall be updated by the Field Team as new information is
      gathered or made available.
    2. Any changes to the Lead Agency HASP that directly impact APHIS operations shall be made to the
      APHIS HASP or incorporated.
    3. Revisions to the HASP shall be distributed to all APHIS personnel assigned to the incident
      for review.
    4. Revision suggestions for the HASP template can be submitted to the
      Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection (SHEP) staff for review.

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