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Human Resources Desk Guide (HRDG)

Subchapter 1010
Organizational Changes
Section A - Responsibilities


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Agency Programs

Agency Programs:

  • Design efficient and economical organizational structures that eliminate redundancy in functions and avoid excess management layers, improve supervisory span of control, reduce workforce costs and administrative overhead, and establish clear lines of authority and accountability.
  • Consider workforce planning and position management principles that are tied to an annual workforce/succession plan.
  • Submit reorganization packages for organizational changes in accordance with Departmental Directive 1010-001, Organization.
  • Ensure congressional notification is provided (when applicable).
  • Work with the Labor Relations staff to ensure obligations are met before organizational changes occur.
Civil Rights Staff 

Civil Rights Staff:

APHIS contact listings (PDF)
AMS contact listings
GIPSA: Phone 202-690-3640

  • Solicits input from MRP Program contacts on the proposed organizational change.
  • Prepares the Civil Rights Impact Analysis in accordance with Departmental Directive DR 4300-4, Civil Rights Impact Analysis, dated May 30, 2003.
Financial Management Division 

The Financial Management Division:

  • Solicits input from MRP Program contacts on the proposed organizational change.
  • Prepares notification certifying that internal financial controls are adequate for the proposed organizational change.
Human Resources Division 

The Human Resources Division (PDF):

  • Reviews reorganizational packages for human resources and regulatory impact.
  • Provides guidance to Programs on reorganization proposals and serves as liaison on routing and approval status.
  • Provides advice and guidance on position management or classification issues and follows up on personnel actions and NFC changes required to effect the reorganization.
  • Certifies that labor relations obligations have been met, or will be met.

Assistance on the completion of 1010 reorganization packages can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Policy Branch at 301-851-2929.

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