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Debt Management Team

The Debt Management Team (DMT) is the focal point for agency debt management analysis and debt collection. The DMT is responsible for the debt management of APHIS, AMS and GIPSA program debts for reimbursable agreements, user fees, civil penalties, reimbursable overtime, and other miscellaneous activities.

DMT staff members collect current agency debts as well as agency debts that are overdue.  While most of the debts involve reimbursable services, many are established to recover funds for damage to government property, contract defaults or overpayments, and penalties assessed for violation of administrative laws.  To facilitate success, the DMT fully utilizes skills in financial analysis, investigation, and negotiation.  More specifically, the DMT:

  • Provides credit and debt management services on behalf of the agencies for commercial and military reimbursable overtime services, reimbursable agreements, civil penalties, miscellaneous debts and user fees 
  • Provides assistance to agency staff in procedural enhancements and provides training in the specific topics involved 
  • Locates debtors and violators who attempt to evade collection efforts by using investigative techniques


To collect 100% of our Agencies’ debt in the most cost-effective manner while providing statistical information that ensures agency accountability in financial decisions.

Customer Debts


  • Plant Protection Quarantine
    • Agricultural Quarantine Inspection -User Fees
      • International Passenger
      • Aircraft Clearance
      • Railroad Cars
    • Reimbursable Overtime
    • Export Certificates
  • Veterinary Services - User Fees
  • Wildlife Services - Agreements
  • Investigative and Enforcement Services - Civil Penalties
  • Miscellaneous Bills (Trust Funds, Contracts, etc.) 


  • Cotton - Classification User Fees
  • Tobacco - User Fees
  • Fruit and Vegetable-Fresh - User Fees
  • Fruit and Vegetable-Processed - User Fees
  • Livestock - User Fees
  • Poultry - User Fees
  • Science and Technology - User Fees


  • User Fees
  • Civil Penalties


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Additional Information