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AMS/GIPSA Financial Systems Branch


Name Title/Function Room Number Telephone Number
Sarita Wheeler-Daniels Branch Chief 3759-S 202-720-1733
Weili Ye Supervisory Accountant 3759-S 202-720-9720
Vacant Supervisory Accountant 3759-S 202-720-4248
Adjoa Ataah Staff Assistant 3759-S 202-720-4351
Arlicha Stewart Functional Administrator NFC 202-720-4296
Craig Blichfeldt Functional Administrator MN address 612-336-3241
Darlene Scott Accountant, Information Technology, National Organic Program, Science, and Transportation & Marketing 3967-S 202-690-3730
Darnell Burrell Accountant, GIPSA 3753-S 202-720-3731
Joanne Nelson Accountant, Cotton and Tobacco / Security Administration 3753-S 202-720-3732
Kenneth Barth Accountant, Fruit and Vegetable 3753-S 202-720-3729
Mei Xu Accountant (General Ledger) 3967-S 202-690-0299
Nway Nway Ko Accountant, Livestock, Poultry & Seed 3749-S 202-690-3722
Piere Martin-Williams Accountant (General Ledger) 3747-S 202-720-0260
William Waits Raulerson Accountant, Management 3753-S 202-720-0724
Mailing Address
Washington, DC:
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC  20250


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