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Your Retirement Planning Checklist 

You may obtain copies of most the pamphlets listed below from your retirement counselor or from OPM's website, http://www.opm.gov/retire/pubs/pamphlets/index.asp 

Pamphlets in the Retirement Fact Series, which provide more detailed information about the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) are:


Retirement Facts #1  The Civil Service Retirement System (RI 83-1)
Retirement Facts #2  Military Service Credit Under CSRS (RI 83-2)
Retirement Facts #3  Deposits and Redeposits Under CSRS (RI 83-3)
Retirement Facts #4  Disability Retirement Under CSRS (RI 83-4)
Retirement Facts #5  Survivor Benefits Under CSRS (RI 83-5)
Retirement Facts #6  Early Retirement Under CSRS (RI 83-6
Retirement Facts #7  Computing Retirement Benefits Under CSRS (RI 83-7)
Retirement Facts #8  Credit for Unused Sick Leave Under CSRS (RI 83-8)
Retirement Facts #9  Refunds Under CSRS (RI 83-9)
Retirement Facts #10  Voluntary Contributions Under CSRS (RI 83-10)
Retirement Facts #11  Information for Separating CSRS Employees Who Are Not Eligible for an Immediate Annuity (RI 83-11)
Retirement Facts #12  Information About Reemployment for CSRS Annuitants (RI 83-18)
Retirement Facts #13  CSRS Offset Retirement (RI 83-19)

Pamphlets for employees who are under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) are:


FERS An Overview of Your Benefits (RI 90-1)
FERS Facts #1  Information for Separating FERS Employees Who Are Not Eligible for an Immediate Annuity (RI 90-11)
FERS Facts #2  Information About Reemployment for FERS Annuitants (RI 90-18)

Information about the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) may be obtained from your retirement counselor or the TSP website, http://www.tsp.gov. 


Summary of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)  (TSP BK 08)
Withdrawing Your TSP Account (TSP BK 02)
TSP Annuities (TSP BK 05)
TSP In-Service Withdrawals (TSP BK 12)

(For employees of USDA Marketing and Regulatory Programs and the Merit Systems Protection Board)


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