Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) is a benefit for Federal employees, their spouses, same-sex domestic partners, adult children, parents, step parents, and parents-in-law.

FLTCIP covers long term care needs, such as nursing home care, assisted living facility care, formal and informal care in the home, adult day care, and other care that is not covered by health insurance or Medicare.

To learn more about it, and to request information, call: 1-800-LTC-FEDS (1-800-582-3337) or visit these web pages:

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) Fall Webinar Schedule

For a complete schedule of webinars being offered by the Federal Employees Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP), please visit http://www.ltcfeds.com/Webinar/index.html

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP): Qualified Relatives include Same-Sex Domestic Partners

In an effort to help agencies address the family needs of a diverse workforce and enhance the Federal Government's ability to compete with the private sector for talent, the President Memorandum of June 17, 2009, on Federal Benefits and Non-Discrimination requested that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) extend certain benefits to same-sex domestic partners of Federal employees consistent with federal law. On June 1, 2010, OPM issued the final regulation establishing the section 5 CFR 875.213, which expands the definition of “qualified relative” as it pertains to FLTCIP to include same-sex partners of eligible Federal employees.

OPM has defined the term “domestic partnership” as a committed relationship between two adults, of the same sex, in which the partners-

  • Are each other's sole domestic partner and intend to remain so indefinitely; 
  • Have a common residence, and intend to continue the arrangement indefinitely; 
  • Are at least 18 years of age; 
  • Share responsibility for a significant measure of each other's financial obligations; 
  • Are not married to anyone else; 
  • Are not a domestic partner of anyone else; and 
  • Are not related in a way that, if they were of opposite sex, would prohibit legal marriage in the State in which they reside. 
  • Will certify they understand that willful falsification of information within the documentation may lead to disciplinary action, loss of insurance coverage and/or the recovery of the cost of benefits received related to such falsification and may constitute a criminal violation under 18 U.S.C. 1001.

A same-sex domestic partner applying for a long term care policy will be subject to full underwriting, unless his/her is applying using an abbreviated application form during an open season. Applicants must answer questions about their health on their application. Certain medical conditions, or a combination of conditions, will prevent some people from being approved for coverage. An applicant must indicate on the FLTCIP application that a Declaration of Domestic Partnership (PDF) form has been submitted to HR in Minneapolis at the following address:

Attn: Benefits 
Butler Square, 100 N. 6th Street 
Minneapolis, MN 55427

No other documentation is required. The Declaration form will be kept on file in the employee's Official Personnel File. If approved, the coverage will be effective the first day of the month following the application approval date.

(For employees of USDA Marketing and Regulatory Programs and the Merit Systems Protection Board)


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