Height Adjustable Workstations

Height Adjustable Workstations 

APHIS Ergonomics

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*NOTE 1: GSA pricing is available on most items upon request.

*NOTE 2: It is important to try and demo equipment prior to purchase to determine if equipment meets needs, comfort, and or support, where applicable. If the manufacturer does not offer a trial period, try and go to a local store to trial the equipment. The APHIS Ergonomics Program may also be contacted for possible equipment trials.

URL Notes Est. Price
(GSA pricing avail. on most items)
Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Adjustable Height Desk
  • Phone: 1-800-531-3746
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  • Phone: 1-800-888-8458
$380 - $950
  • Phone: 1-800-374-7438
  • Recommendations:  Electric options - Surf2, Move!, and Xtreme.
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  • Phone: 1-866-515-1323
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  • Phone: 1-800-959-9675
  • Recommendations:  Sierra Tables (See p. 10(8) of catalog for table surface options.).

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