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*NOTE 1: GSA pricing is available on most items upon request.

*NOTE 2: It is important to try and demo equipment prior to purchase to determine if equipment meets needs, comfort, and or support, where applicable. If the manufacturer does not offer a trial period, try and go to a local store to trial the equipment. The APHIS Ergonomics Program may also be contacted for possible equipment trials.

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(GSA pricing avail. on most items)
3m Adjustable Footrest
  • Recommend: FR530CB and FR330.
Fellowes Standard Footrest
  • Offers dual-position height adjustment.
  • Free-floating platform stretches legs for increased circulation.
  • Textured surface massages soles of feet.

From $14




Humanscale FM100 Footrest
  • Friction angle adjustment for easy positioning.
  • Provides support for lower back.
Humanscale FM300B Footrest
  • With its ball bearing rollers, the FM300B encourages gentle rocking of the feet in the same way a rocking chair encourages movement.
  • This rocking motion uses most of the lower leg muscles to increase healthful circulation.
  • The FM300B offers built-in massage balls to rejuvenate tired feet.
  • It offers 3" height adjustment for custom positioning.






Rubbermaid 4653 Height-Adjustable Tilting Footrest   $47
Other Footrests
  • Various options available.
Safco Adjustable Footrests
  • Adjustable footrest elevates feet while improving circulation.
  • Footrest allows shoulders to relax backwards.
  • Easy glide design permits repositioning while in use.
  • Tilt angle slides easily to any position that is comfortable.
Solemate Comfort Footrest with SmartFit System
  • The full-featured foot rest steps up with greater leg, back, and foot comfort.
  • The luxurious memory foam soothes tired feet and eliminates pressure points.
  • With a flick of the foot-operated lock, the angle can be adjusted to the perfect angle for all-day back and leg comfort.






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