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FMD - Quick Reference Guide

General FMMI Information General FMMI Information

“How to” information such as creating shortcuts in FMMI, saving favorites, and BI reports. Included in this area is general information on feeder systems such as the frequently of shorthand codes update and locating shorthand codes.

General FMMI Information (Employees Only)

Fleet Information (Employees Only)

Pay Period Tables (Employees Only)

FMMI validation--conversion cross reference (Employees Only)

Accounts Payable Accounts Payable

How USDA maintains, updates, and processes vendor invoices and payments. The FMMI system enables USDA to perform the following invoicing and payment activities:

  • Receive and record requests for payment from supplier entities with or without purchasing activity from materials management
  • Process and record payments to supplier entities for goods or services provided


Utility Payments – Ameresco-AXIS



Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable

How USDA records, manages, and collects receivables due from customers. The FMMI system enables USDA to perform the following accounts receivable activities:

  • Process and record receivables
  • Dispense bills to customers
  • Manage and collect debt
  • Process Sales Orders


Sales Orders (Employees Only)

Non-Sales Order



Debt Management

Cost Management Cost Management

How USDA records, tracks, and measures the flow of costs and revenue. Cost Management in FMMI includes:

  • Monitor and control expenditures and revenues
  • Distribute expenses collected in Cost Objects to other Cost Objects in designated organizational structures that are responsible for these costs

Support billing of customers for all distributed costs incurred on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements.

Funds Management Funds Management

How USDA supports activities associated with executing budget, distribution and monitoring USDA’s resources and available funds. The Funds Management function consists of three major transactions:

  • Perform Budget Distribution
  • Process Reservation
  • Process Funds Commitment


AVC Rules by Fund (PDF)

General Ledger General Ledger

How USDA complies with the financial, budgetary, and statutory reporting requirements. Every transaction resulting in a financial impact posts to the General Ledger.  General Ledger activities processed by FMMI include:

  • Process Accruals
  • Process Adjustments
  • Execute Financial reporting
  • Execute Statement of Transactions (SF-224)
  • Execute FACTS reporting

Accounting Adjustments (Employees Only)

Master Data Master Data

A collection of information generally for end users, master data is reference data that they will look up and use; this includes:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Shorthand Codes (SHC)
  • Cost/Fund Centers
  • Funds

General Master Data Information

Shorthand Codes


Purchasing Purchasing

How USDA manages the phases of materials management: initiating, processing, and recording purchasing activities. Purchasing in FMMI includes:

  • Receive and record requests for payment from supplier entities with or without purchasing activity from materials management
  • Procure materials and services
  • Monitor deliveries from vendors and payments to vendors.


Policy-Manuals Policy-Manuals

Links to: Budget and Accounting Manual (BAM); APHIS Cost Management System (ACMS); APHIS eFabs User Guide; ePres User Guide

Policy-Manuals (Employees Only)

Additional Information