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Human Resources Desk Guide (HRDG)

Subchapter 4610
Tours of Duty 
Table of Contents
Issued: 9/01, 05/06, 01/07, 03/08, 04/08, 12/09, 09/12



Section A - Responsibilities


Section B - Weekly and Daily Scheduling of Work


Section C - Scheduling Meal Periods


Section D - Regularly Scheduled Overtime Work and Other Premium Pay


Section E - Work Scheduling Limitations Related to Overtime Work


Section F - Scheduling Days Off for Federal Holidays


Section G - Chart of Eligibility for Employee Benefits


Section H - Fixed Standard Tours of Duty


Section I - Nonstandard Tours of Duty


Subsection a -- First-40-Hour Tours of Duty


Subsection b -- First-8-Hour Indefinite Tours of Duty


Subsection c -- -Overtime Within 40-Hour Tour of Duty


Section J - Mixed Tours of Duty


Section K - Alternative Work Schedules: Compressed and Flexible


Subsection a -- 5-4/9 Compressed Work Schedules


Subsection b -- 4/10 Compressed Work Schedules


Subsection c -- Flexitime


Subsection d -- Flexitour


Subsection e -- Maxiflex


Appendix - Forms

  • MRP 219, Nonstandard Tour of Duty or Split-Shift
  • MRP 263, Tour of Duty Schedule
  • MRP 345, Time and Attendance Log
  • MRP 346, Designation of Tours of Duty

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