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Subchapter 4368
Telework Program 

Section E - Participation and Removal



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Participation in The Program Bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees may participate in the program. Bargaining unit employee participation must be in accordance with any applicable collective bargaining agreement.
Denial of Participation Employees who are denied participation in the telework program may file a grievance in accordance with established administrative grievance procedures or appropriate negotiated grievance procedures. For more detailed information, contact the servicing employee relations specialist (ERS) (PDF).
Performance Management

Performance standards and performance elements of Telework participants usually reflect their current standards. In rare instances, the standards may need to be adjusted if projects assigned specifically for work at home or the satellite office are not addressed in their current standards. Performance will be evaluated based on results rather than observation.

Employee performance for teleworkers and non-teleworkers will be evaluated using the same performance management program and standards that cover workers at traditional office/duty locations.

Counseling Reasonable efforts should be made to resolve issues and disagreements by the supervisor counseling the employee. Options to consider in addressing such issues include making schedule changes or reducing the number of days the employee works at the telework site. If matters cannot be resolved, removal from the program may be necessary.
Disciplinary or Alternative Actions Telework participants are subject to agency standards of conduct and responsibilities. Disciplinary or alternative actions may be utilized by the supervisor. Contact your servicing ERS (PDF) for more information.
Termination of the Telework Agreement and Removal from The Program

The telework arrangement may be terminated with a minimum of 2 weeks advanced written notification by either management or the employee, except in emergencies. Agreements may be terminated in less than 2 weeks when appropriate.

Management has the right to remove an employee from the program if the employee's performance declines or if the program fails to benefit the organization's needs. The supervisor must provide the employee with a brief, written explanation when management terminates a Telework Agreement.

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